Thursday, December 11, 2003

Linkin', linkin', whatcha been drinkin?

Jen Wang points us to yet another extremely talented illustrator: Matt Rhodes. Go forth and viddy.

I'm so jealous.

Other places of interest I've viddied lately include:

Shynola, the clever folks behind Junior Senior's great Move Your Feet video. Click to view- you need Quicktime. Move Your Feet never fails to make me smile and dance around like only an overweight middle aged white boy can, even though I spend about 65% of my time in a morbidly depressed state.

A pretty cool-looking record store: Aquarius Records. Now if I could only afford to shop them.

A little seasonal stuff for yas: The Twelve Days of Kitschmas. Found via sweet Susan.

Another interesting artist: Svetlana Chmakova. I love that name Svetlana. Anyway, this came via Jason Marcy, another mostly comics blogger whom I suppose I should add to the swelling ranks of the proud, the not-so-few, the Linked of Johnny Bacardi! Same goes for Dewey's World, who's already linked to me!

I linked to this last year, but it's such a cool site that I'm gonna do it again, by God. Modern Drunkard magazine. What else are the holidays good for if not as an excuse to drink to excess?

Noticed where that perennial holiday favorite, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, aired the other night. Wonderful old cartoon, which I remember watching as a four-year-old, and many more times over the next thirty plus years. Truly a classic, with memorable songs and fun characters. And of course, Santa Claus on the Norelco Shaver toboggan. However, That Cavortin' Bastard has a different take on this Rankin-Bass standard, and it's funny as hell. The Bastard has been silent since 2001, and he is missed. Where the hell are ya, TCB? Did you take one last trip down yo' dark alley, and meet someone you couldn't mess up?

Ok, that's enough of this. Metafilter I ain't. I've got an actual art project that I need to get started on, yes, that's right. Painting Santa Clauses on weathered planks. Real crafty-type stuff, for me Ma. I'll do almost anything for me sainted Ma, even paint. Maybe if you're all good boys and girls, I'll even post a picture of one of them. Plus, Mrs. B gets off work early on Thursday, and I'm sure she has my entire day planned out for me.

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