Monday, December 01, 2003

I must admit to being a bit nonplussed by last night's big season finale of HBO's Carnivále. I suppose I was expecting more revelations, or something like that, but I should have known better because it's apparent that the writers were only interested in providing cliffhangers to build anticipation for season 2. And there is your good news and your bad news. I'm glad that there seems to be a season two (not that I've read anything that confirms this), but I sure was hoping to get more answers to what the hell was going on with Ben Hawkins. Oh well. It was still gripping viewing and well done. If nothing else, the people who make Carnivále have a Lynchian ability to establish and sustain a mood.

Wonder if Julee Cruise could make an appearance next season?

They also had a live chat last night with series regulars Ben Stahl and Clancy Brown, who plays the seemingly-evil Brother Justin but will always be Rawhide, one of Buckaroo Banzai's Hong Kong Cavaliers. I thought about logging on to it last night, and getting all geeky on Mr. Brown (Rawhide! RAAAWHIIIIDE!!! Say you're not dead!) but I didn't. Good for me. I was also a bit surprised to discover that the same actor that played the blind mentalist Professor Lodz, Patrick Bachau, played Jodie Foster's ex in Panic Room. Small world, ain't it.

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