Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Oh, lest I forget, a happy belated BSBdG goes out to Elayne Riggs, who celebrated that momentous occasion yesterday.

She's a bit upset with me right now, so I don't know if she'll come by these parts to see it, but I'm sending it out to her anyway!

Also a million billion thanks to Brendan, that most excellent of Leptards, who has sent me an honest to goodness Christmas present! And I didn't have to threaten his family or anything! Now if I could only figure out what to get him in return...

While I'm at it, I foolishly (I say foolishly because I need to be saving my money...) bid on and won a TPB copy of Paul Pope's Heavy Liquid on eBay! It lists for $29.95, but I'm paying $12.50 shipping included. Who needs groceries, anyway.

More updates when they occur to me.

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