Thursday, December 11, 2003

The redoubtable RStevens, whose wacky and wonderful webcomic Diesel Sweeties is always worth your time, emails me with this question: it just me, or does the comics media pretty much ignore web
comics? I just find it kind of funny that gets more
visitors in a day than Jim Lee Batman comics sell in a month, yet no
one talks about it.

Is it too different a medium, or just a blind spot for most bloggers?

I honestly have no answer to this. Myself, I enjoy several (but a microscopically small amount) of the webcomics out there, including DS, Scary-Go-Round, and Small Stories, and try to mention them from time to time, but it's not all that often. Perhaps it's because webcomics haven't been around as long as their floppy cousins, and just haven't achieved that mythic status in most comics bloggers' pantheon. When it comes right down to it, all I can do is speak for myself, and I don't know! I'm sure that RS is aware of Comixpedia, which is devoted to webcomics, and Scott McCloud does his best to keep the flame, but it's true, webcomics just don't get discussed all that often, at least in the circles I'm privy to.

Would anybody else care to take up the discussion? The floor is now open.

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