Sunday, April 13, 2003

Whilst watching TV this morning I caught the beginning of an airing of the Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension on the Flix channel. That's cool, I love that movie, one of my fave films (top three, even) but since I got the DVD my jones for watching Buckaroo can be sated anytime and I don't get too worked up when it airs on TV. BUT. The version they're showing on Flix is different to any I've seen before...someone has added a voiceover narration over the opening credits (this is the letterboxed opening, and not the one with the added footage of Buckaroo's parents– if you're a BB fan you know what I'm talking about) which attempts to explain a few things about the characters and the situations they're in at the beginning. Maybe it's just because I'm so familiar now with the whys and wherefores of the Banzai world, but I found it unnecessary and annoying and I can't imagine it helping anybody who's not. It even goes on over the original tacked on text introduction, and while some of what it says jibes with the text, most of it doesn't! Are any of you out there Buckaroo fans and have some knowledge of this new opening sequence?

A great BB site is, which is a mother lode of information about this nutball, but very clever and imaginative, "docu-drama".

While I'm talking about movies and such, I've added a film discussion site called Milk Plus to the blogroll at right. It's kinda graphics heavy and takes a little while to load, but there's some interesting and in-depth articles there about movies of all stripes. They sent me an email the other day informing me that they had linked to me and would I care to do the same, so I did so and I'm damned flattered.

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