Tuesday, April 22, 2003

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A little culture for you today. This is a lithograph by one Neli Ouzounova, a young Bulgarian artist with whom I attended a class or two a couple of years ago at Western Ky. She's an outstanding painter whose work is, unfortunately, nowhere to be found on the web or I would have linked everybody's asses to her so fast it would have made your computers spin. This is actually a litho print that she rejected, the final product was vastly different to this but I liked this one so much that I asked her for it. By far the best thing that I got out of that !@#$#@! lithography class...she also has painted many colorful, beautiful icons (you know, the religious artifact type things, not computer ones) that I wish I could show you, but can't, alas.

Haven't seen her since I graduated college, but the Bacardi Show Political Correspondent gets an occasional email from her, so Chris, you can tell her she's on the Web now!