Thursday, April 10, 2003

Hello out there and welcome to those of you who may have come here from the link on the Bowling Green Daily News web page. He got that thing on there faster than I expected him to! And I'm all alone up there...must fight... stage fright coming on...

Anyway, this here is a blog page..."blog" being short for weblog, or an online personal journal, which is a curious little internet phenomenon that has sprung up out of nowhere over the last couple of years. A weblog can be about anything you want it to be, as long as you've got the bandwidth and something to say about something. Some blogs read like people's diaries, and some read like the op/ed section of any major newspaper. Many are about a variety of things, and many deal with one thing alone. Some are merely collections of links to this and that on the web, and some commentary on same. There's an wide and varied spectrum of writing out there, and I strongly encourage you to look at my "bloglist" at right, and click on the links...while by no means complete, I think it's a good sampling of what's out there. Many bloggers of like persuasions interact with each other by linking to each other's blog, as well as leaving comments on entries that interest them, which creates a community mentality of sorts. I've actually struck up several friendships with people I've never met, simply by commenting on items on their pages, and vice versa. Tell 'em Johnny B sent ya.

As for me, I've been doing this for a relatively short amount of time, since October of last year actually. The Johnny Bacardi thing comes from a list of names which I came up with back in the late 80s, when I worked at a small radio station in Munfordville, KY. I was trying to come up with an alias, as many DJs do, and out of many names Johnny Bacardi was the one I liked the most. Kinda has a lounge lizard feel to it, I suppose. I didn't use it, as it turned out, but the name stuck with me until I was deliberating what to call this thing and it just seemed like a no-brainer! I do not in any way represent the rum distillery from Puerto Rico of the same name, although I have been known to partake of its product from time to time.

A bit about me: My real name's Dave. 43 years old. 1978 graduate of Caverna High School, 2000 graduate if Western Kentucky University with a BA in art, graphic design emphasis. That's right, it took me 16 years to buckle down and go to college. Married (sorry, girls), two children ages 20 and 18. I live in Horse Cave, but I do everything else including work, it seems, in Bowling Green. I work for a homegrown RV supply and camping gear business which now has a national profile doing graphic design (on MACS! That's right.) and prepress for their marketing department. I also work part-time at a small AM radio station in Horse Cave, just to make some extra money. Never seem to have enough of that extra money stuff for some reason. My hobbies include collecting comics, playing, writing, and collecting music, along with sports, movies and perhaps one or two other things, which shall go nameless. This concludes the personal info section. Please follow your tour guide to the next section of the Show, which is...

What kind of stuff should you expect from reading my humble little corner of the web? Well, I try to focus on various aspects of pop culture, mostly comics and music with the occasional movie review or TV show piece thrown in for good measure. I think a good 50-60% of the blogs out there in the blogiverse are political in nature; you won't find much of that here. My own politics tend to be moderately liberal; but I've never been comfortable engaging in political debate so I pretty much leave it to those who have a passion for such things. You can find many of them in my blogroll at right, they're much better at it than I am, believe me. I try to stick to what I know, which is comics and music and film, which I've been following since I was old enough to string sentences together. I don't get personal, like some do, and on the rare occasions that I do I don't get too deep– frankly, it's nobody's business and I don't fancy airing my neuroses out there for the world to comment on. Sorry, but no.

One disclaimer: the links in the section below named "For mature audiences" are just that...weblogs and web pages about sex. Some of it is graphic and very adult in nature so if you want to check those links out, make sure the kiddies are in bed, OK? If you're of an open-minded persuasion, however, I recommend them highly, especially Fred Lapides' Good Sh*t, which is an amazing and unlikely combination of mostly tastefully done nude photography from a variety of sources and educational links to a multitude of obscure and off-the-wall topics. Erosblog's pretty good too. Anyway, you've been warned so I don't want to hear about it if you go there in error.

So, again, welcome to my little corner of the Web, and I hope you enjoy what you read here. Feel free to email me or leave a comment below (click on the link that says "serve 'em up"). And all the best from all of me to all of you!

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