Saturday, April 26, 2003

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Dear God, the Falcons have got new uniforms. I knew this was gonna happen eventually (they have had the same logo since their inception in 1966), but I'm still a bit surprised that they went ahead and did it...

Do I like them? Well, yes and no. They're not the trainwreck that a lot of the newer NFL unis have been, but they're still loaded with the blocks of color on the sleeves, and stripes going in every which direction, and crescent-shaped (or is that a Nike swoosh?) swatches of color under the arms and sleeves that get on my nerves but make marketing people salivate. On these, though, they're not too obvious, understated even, and that's OK. There are simply too many uniforms these days being designed by design firms, staffed by artsy types that have no clue, nor want to have a clue about sports traditions and uniforms, and we wind up with kaliedoscopic monstrosities with annoying cartoon mascots instead of logos. And I say this as a designer myself.

Still, at least they retained the old colors, even though I wish they'd gone back to the red helmets of 1967-1989, and the new logo is at least similar enough to the old one that it doesn't bug me. It could have been worse.