Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Time once again to check out the Diamond Shipping List, where I see I'll have the following waiting for me:

JLA #80

I'm also contemplating picking up SUPERMAN: RED SON 1 because it's illustrated by 100 Bullets and Detective cover artist Dave Johnson and Andrew Robinson, a fine cover artist in his own right. Judging by the previews, their interiors look really nice. Also, it's written by Ultimates/Authority scribe Mark Millar, whose work I usually enjoy. And there's also KILLER PRINCESSES 3, which is something like nine months overdue, and actually I had decided to drop but it's only a 3 issue series anyway...so despite the fact that I found the story cutesy and muddled and the art somewhat lacking as well I'm thinking I'll get it just to complete the set and so I'll know how it turned out.

Out of the books I'm signed up for, I suppose the Catwoman, better than ever with Javier Pulido's art and the Legion, also with a new art team and embarking on a big epic storyline, are the ones I'm looking forward to the most. I'm sure Grrl Scouts will be enjoyable, as the previous two issues have been, and Hellblazer will be its usual high quality...but the new JLA sports yet another fill-in art job, this time by the fellow who drew the ill-fated Suicide Squad revival and didn't impress me much.

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