Sunday, February 02, 2003

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Playing at the Hell Drive-in right now, on a special double bill, are Xanadu and the film I saw this morning, The Apple.

I remember reading about it on somebody else's page a while back, but I've forgotten whose it was. My apologies. I thought that if I ever got a shot, I'd check it out, and it came on Showtime Beyond this morning. It's basically a very low budget attempt to do some sort of rock and roll parable, set in the dystopian, far-flung future of 1994. Oddly prophetic, since co-star Catherine Mary Stewart's career pretty much ended at about that year. Anyway, it's young, idealistic music loving kids versus the Devil and corporate control, and it's just silly and wretchedly acted all the way through. You have to get a load of God and his gold Caddy at the end though. God is played, by the way, by Joss Ackland, who was Chuck De Nomolous in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.

You gotta see this flick, if nothing else so you can say "You think that's bad? Well have you ever seen "The Apple"?"

Actually, I kinda liked Xanadu, OK? Especially the music. So sue me.