Thursday, February 13, 2003

Apologies for the light blogging today and yesterday...that ol' debbil work (both jobs) is keeping me pretty much occupied. I'm working ten hour days right now at the day job! Hopefully, things will even out soon and I can get back to boring you with writing about comics and music and God knows what else. Maybe even politics, who can say.

Still, I had a couple of interesting things happen to me lately- first, I won two tickets to a Nashville Predators hockey game yesterday! A local sports radio station was giving them away and all you had to do was send them your name, address and so on. I did, and while I'm not sure that I wasn't the only one that entered, I got a phone call from the program director telling me I had won! Between this and the gift certificate I won recently, I'm thinking I had better play the lottery soon. Or maybe I've used up all my good luck, I don't know...anyway, they're playing the Boston Bruins, and I hope that the station doesn't expect me to sit in a special section or recognize me somehow– I might wear my Phoenix Coyotes jersey and piss somebody off! Gonna go drink some beer and watch some pucks, eh! Or y'all! Or whatever....

Significant occurrence number two was a phone message I received from Thriller writer and co-creator Robert Loren Fleming. You may recall that I've been in touch recently with the artist of that failed masterpiece, Trevor Von Eeden, and Trevor remarked (and so did Fleming, in our earlier conversations) that the two hadn't been in touch in almost twenty years, and if I got the chance, that I could pass his phone number on to RLF if I wanted to. I faxed it to him on Tuesday, and this afternoon Fleming called to let me know that he had called Von Eeden and they had a long conversation and had caught up on many things, and thanked me. I don't know if this will mean anything to anybody, but I got a great feeling knowing that I was actually able to play a part in getting these two back together, if only for a phone conversation. I stil have vivid memories of when I read those comics for the first time, and how amazed an excited I was by the experimentation and how unusual the Thriller comic was, and what kind of people Fleming and Von Eeden must be to be able to create this sort of thing...understand, comic creators are so much more accessable now than they were then, especially to a small town Kentucky boy like me. I never dreamed I'd ever get this kind of access to these people.

Thanks also to those who were kind enough to go over to Blizg and give me positive votes! Words cannot express. I didn't mean to sound so whiny.

To give you an idea about how hectic it's been for me lately, I have only read two of Wednesday's new comics as of this writing. I'm gonna go sit down and read them in a few minutes, and I hope to post reviews no later than Saturday night...I have also failed to go out and get a valentine's gift for Mrs. Bacardi. I hope to rectify that early tomorrow. It's always something...

Oyasumi Nasai.

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