Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Just in case somebody cares, I have been burning the candle at both ends lately and in the middle as well.

My day job, the graphic design slash prepress one, has been insanely busy for months now, with few signs of slowing down anytime soon. I've got two kids living in the same town in which I work-which is almost forty miles from where I live-one in school trying to learn the ropes, both without cars (my daughter has hers out of the shop by now, and my son's getting one soon), and I'm running a constant Horse Cave-to-Bowling Green shuttle of goods and services right now. Not to complain-it's part of it and I know they'd do the same for me, if they had transportation...also, like an idiot I signed up to work the board (play commercials, etc.) for the live broadcast of a high school basketball game at the radio station where I work part-time, not realizing that the new Buffy came on tonight. There's a TV there, so I was able to kind of half-assed watch it, but I have to keep one ear on the game and I miss a lot. Too bad, it looked like an interesting episode...oh well, I have a general idea about what happened, and I'm sure my good bud Chris (Alyson Hannigan's Love Slave) Tabor will let me know about what I missed. If I ever get to talk to him anytime soon!

I still have this blogging compulsion, though, so I've made time to write a little tonight. I hope I can continue to do so in the near future!

According to Diamond's new shipping list, I'm getting the following tomorrow:

Hawaiian Dick 2
Batgirl: Year One 3
Hellblazer 180
Vertigo Pop: London 4

I'm especially looking forward to Hawaiian Dick. Boy, that sounds nice, doesn't it? From now on I refer to the book as HD.

And uf cuss I will write a paragraph or two about them.

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