Monday, January 06, 2003

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

My friend and coworker Mike Cary sent me this link, but it's been so goddamned insanely busy lately around the ol' salt mine that I never got around to checking it out. I promptly forgot about it until I saw where CzelticGirl also mentioned it.

Ever of the philanthropist bent, I will now pass this wonder link on to you. This is for Epitonic, a really nice looking site for free MP3s. They've got a Soft Boys track I'm going to download very soon. Go!

What? Still here? Whilst restlessly clicking around on OPB (you know, Other People's Blogs) I also found the cute I Wish,You Wish, a listing of other bloggers' birthdays and wishlists, with all the appropriate linkage. Although I use my wishlist mostly as a reminder system, it might be neat to place mine proudly with others'. Anyway, while I decide, you might want to check it out. Go! Go!

I will retire now. 6 AM comes quickly, you know.

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