Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Decided to play the "This or That" game over at This-or-That Tuesday. Better late than never, I always say.

January 28, 2002: Same Thing, Different Names

1. Kleenex or tissue? Kleenex
2. Soda or pop (or tonic or whatever)? Usually any kind of soda pop is referred to around here as a "Coke", and I'm afraid I'm in that habit too. I drink gallons of Mountain Dew, and usually try not to refer to it as "Coke".
3. A sandwich on a long roll: sub or hero (or hoagie or grinder, etc)? sub
4. Glasses or spectacles? glasses
5. TV or television (or boob-tube, or telly, for our friends across the pond)? TV
6. Movie or film? movie
7. Sofa or couch? couch, sofa occasionally when referring to the shorter of our living room furniture
8. Stove or range? stove
9. Remote control or clicker? remote control, usually shortened to "remote"

That's it! I'll try this again next Tuesday.

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