Friday, January 31, 2003

Coming under the "I told you so" category is this new Beatles article, good news to everyone except perhaps those concerned about Phil Spector's reputation.

For what it's worth, I've always liked the job Phil did on Let It Be. The only song that suffered for his attentions was The Long and Winding Road, which is why Paulie always got his knickers in a twist about the album. Problem is, when Paul finally got around to doing LaWR on his own, at least twice counting live versions, it was even duller than the Spectorized version. Oh well. Paul, it's not a good song, mate. Face it.

Like the FBI...and the CIA...and the BBC...BB King...and Doris Day...Matt Busby. Dig it. Dig It. Dig it. Always wondered what the Fabs' version of "Hark the Angels Come" sounded like. One thing I'm looking forward to seeing when this comes out on DVD is the crazy extended "Dig It" that Lennon does in the film. It was wisely truncated for the album, but it's a hoot in the movie.

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