Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Posting as been light, yes, I know. The deadly combination of being very busy at work all day and too tired to conceive rational blog posts in the evening has gotten me off the schedule I was kinda-sorta trying to maintain. Oh well. Tonight is no exception- I got nothin'. As has been my custom lately, especially because these are low-effort kinds of blog posts (as I'm sure many of you know), I thought I could share the contents of the DCBS shipment box I'm supposed to be getting on Friday with all of you, because I know how important this knowledge is to my faithful readers. Anyway, tally ho! Arriving this weekend, Crom willing, will be:

FABLES #75 - I think this is supposed to be a significant issue or something. I'm invested enough in these characters by now to view this with a soupcon of apprehension.

MANHUNTER #34 - one could be excused for mistaking this for an issue of Birds of Prey, I'd think. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

LOVE & ROCKETS: NEW STORIES #1 - New stuff from Los Bros., always cause for joy. Even at this price tag. What's up with all the high-ticket altcomics these days? Is it an "I've paid for my art, now it's your turn" kind of thing?

CRIMINAL 2 #5 - More cartoonist misadventures, stylishly done as always, I'm certain.

PATSY WALKER: HELLCAT #3 - There's a tiny part of me that hopes, what with all the Aleut mysticism and all, that Daimon Hellstorm fella will pop up. Silly me. LaFuente would probably draw him rocking a chartreuse trenchcoat or something, and it would still look good.

THE BOYS #22 - is it boorish of me to state that I'm kinda tolerating this current story arc, rather than actively enjoying it as much as I have previous arcs? Is it even possible to be boorish when discussing the oeuvre of Garth Ennis? Is "oeuvre" even a word I should be using?

B.P.R.D.: THE WARNING #3 - more chasing the weird kinda-Asian kinda-evilish guy around. I'm sure something will crumble or explode as well, and someone will snap at someone.

100 BULLETS #95 - I'm looking forward to an issue of this title for the first time in ages- I'm dying to know the aftermath of the Lono-Dizzy throwdown that took place in #94. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they don't even address it.

And that's it! I also have a few comics, acquired from various sources, that I have read and will most likey opine upon eventually, such as the aforementioned Secret Six V2 (V3?) #1 and Martian Confederacy (still not finished with that one yet), as well as Sub-Mariner: The Depths #1, Jonah Hex #35, and Final Crisis: Revelations #2. One or more of these, as well as the above listed, may be reviewed at; they've become desperate enough, I mean gracious enough, to invite me to play with them in their sandbox, and I have most humbly accepted the invitation. I've always liked that site; they have a readable layout, some good writers, and cover a wide variety of Pop Cultury stuff not limited to comics.

As always, please bear with the slow spells around here, and I thank all of you who still read me regularly for doing so.

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