Friday, September 12, 2008



The ladies' bouts continue after a one week recess! Tonight's exercise in feminine fisticuffs comes from 1974's Shadow #5, written by Denny O'Neil and illustrated by the late, great Frank Robbins. Here, (click to see at full size) Shadow agent and society gal Margo Lane has found herself aboard a luxury liner that is hijacked by the nefarious Captain Sodom, a Nazi (even though he's not identified as such) rat who has been committing all sorts of acts of sabotage, trying to keep the US out of World War II. Margo overcomes one of Sodom's goons (I suppose he called his followers "sodomites", heh heh), but is cold-cocked (oy the puns) by Sodom himself. Still, taking out two Kinda-Nazi goons by herself is pretty good for Margo, who generally didn't indulge in the rough stuff.

It's funny- when these were coming out, I hated Robbins' funky, kinda awkwardly posed drawing style (very Caniff and Sickles influenced, although I didn't realize it at the time) and yearned for more Mike Kaluta. Now, as a theoretical adult, I enjoy Robbins' take almost as much as I did that of Mr. K. Funny how that works, isn't it?

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