Monday, September 15, 2008

Above is an image which has me all-aflutter, either from anticipation and excitement, or from the realization that the end times could be upon us. What we see here is nothing less than the solicitation cover for the long-awaited (by me, and I suspect by more than a few others) and long-delayed double-sized grande finale of THE WINTER MEN, from DC/Wildstorm, as featured in their December solicits!

I don't know if anybody saw this post back in May, but let's just say that by and large I really liked this series, which made its debut in Summer of 2005 as an eight-issue limited series from WildStorm (at first it was to be a Vertigo series), then six, then eight again- then finally was to be finished as 5 issues with the fifth to be double-sized. This was announced sometime in late '06 or '07. And now, here we are in the waning days of 2008, and it finally seems to be going to happen. It's not so much that the previous four issues were flawless classics- I thought a couple of them got really bogged down in oblique storytelling to no good effect- but overall it was a refreshingly different sort of book, with outstanding, nicely detailed art by John Paul Leon, and Brett Lewis did a great job of establishing verisimilitude through his dialogue. I'd link you to my reviews of those issues, but at least two of them were written for Comic Book Galaxy, back when I was doing that review column, and have been deleted. Stupidly, I didn't cross post them here, although they may exist as a text file on my old computer. Anyway, I digress.

Guess I'm just trying to say that I'm looking forward to this one, and while it may very well be disappointing, especially with all the anticipation that's built up in my head over the last two years, at least it will finally be completed, over, and done with and I'll have one less thing in my head to obsess over. I wouldn't mind seeing it collected someday- it might read a lot better all in one sitting. Don't want to get too greedy, though! First things first.

That said, I'll believe it when I am clutching it in my sweaty palms.

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