Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Assuming DCBS and DHL don't screw things up, that is. DHL delivered my Friday box on Tuesday last time, grumble, grumble. Anyway, here's whutz s'posed to be innit:

HELLBLAZER #247: After a brief intermission, Diggle and Manco return and pick up where they left off. Only to bail again really soon. Feh. Let's get Jason Aaron up in this joint. Yo.

ALL-STAR SUPERMAN #12: I hope I have a headache or something when I get this; I want to place it against my temples to see if it makes it go away. Then I'll put it on my thinning hair. It's that good, or so I hear. That's the problem with getting my new comics bi-weekly; everybody else and their grandmother has opined by now. However, I have not been so ready to anoint A-SS the best Superman series EVAR, so we will see about that.

: From the solicit, it sounds like Deena's finally gonna get what's coming to her. By 2011, we should find out what that is.

: Dang, that was quick! I just got #75 in my last shipment!

: Special guest star this issue: Ambush Bug!

Brubaker: "Warren, I need to come up with a villain for my new Daredevil story arc, but his rogues gallery is so lame, and I'm too busy and it's too hard to make stiffs like the Matador cool. Gee, I wish I could just use the Kingpin and Bullseye and Elektra forever and ever, just like Bendis did! WAIT! I've got it! LADY BULLSEYE! And I'll make her just 'all-new, all-different' enough to make her not seem like a blatant rip-off! BRILLIANT!" Warren Simons: "Yeah, sure, whatever. You da man. you ED BRUBAKER! Whatever you say goes. Hey- make sure the artist gives her a improbable-looking skintight reject costume straight from the Count Vertigo collection, too!" Warren and Ed: "SOLD!"

: #1 was amazing, #2 was less so- will Miggy and Corben be able to deliver the goods and wind this puppy up right?

AMBUSH BUG YEAR NONE #3: Part 2 of the senses-shattering Dash Bad Horse/Irwin Schwab team-up, as they battle Mongul for the fate of the UNIVERSE! Dash will then be given a power ring and will take his place as part of the Green Lantern Corps, and will then join the Outsiders as well.

Tiny Titans #8 spoiled the big revelation about the identity of Jaime Reyes' parents.

I defy you to read this and not hear that ONJ/ELO movie song in your head. Especially now.

I kept seeing where the latest MEAT CAKE, #17, was supposed to be out this week as well, but that's a dirty lie.

Some other releases of note, that WON'T be in my box:

SOLOMON KANE #1: In which the scripter thinks he's writing Solomon Kane, Robert E. Howard's obscure but fascinating Puritan adventurer, but the artist(s) hears only "Robert E. Howard" and thinks they're drawing Conan.

MY NAME IS BRUCE ONE SHOT: On the one hand, this is BRUCE CAMPBELL. On the other hand, by definition this sort of thing is usually lackluster and uninspired. If you want to find out, go ahead and let me know, whydoncha?

ABSOLUTE RONIN HC: One hundred bucks? Even at a discount, that's way too much for what I thought was an ambitious failure. Still, if you're just a stone Frank Miller freak with too much money and a burning need to spend it, well, here's as good a way as any.

SHOWCASE PRESENTS METAL MEN TP VOL 02: This is sheer concentrated weapons-grade bizarro comics as only Bob (Bugfuck crazy) Kanigher could conceive, unfettered by the relative restraint (stop laughing. Well, OK, laugh) of the first 16 issues as well as the Brave and the Bold and Showcase issues. And once more, it's very well drawn by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito- I'm of the opinion that it was here that they did their best work together. This one has the immortal "Birthday Cake for a Cannibal Robot", Robot Amazons, as well as the first and probably only apeparance of the Sizzler, who started a chain of steakhouses after her comics career ended. Geez, I had a lot of these comics as a kid. Anyway, towards the end of this collection you'll also see some Gil Kane and Mike Sekowsky art, plus a turn towards a more serious direction as the Metal Men become wanted for murder, thus presaging the whole "grim and gritty" movement by a good 25 years! Hell, I've almost talked myself into buying this one.

RED ROCKET 7 TP: I enjoyed this sprawling, oversize Mike Allred epic when it came out back in 1997; I was still a fan back then via Madman, and he and I both had an affection for 70's Glam bands. Basically Ziggy Stardust meets Zelig, I concluded that its reach was more ambitious than its grasp, but was full of great ideas and scenes, plus how many comics have cameos by Mott the Hoople, the Kinks, and Marc Bolan/T.Rex? Not many, that's how many. The cover I'm seeing is kinda lame, though, especially when compared to the clever covers many of the singles sported...

MMW ATLAS ERA HEROES HC VOL 03: Some more sweet-ass-sweet Bill Everett Sub-Mariner stuff. If I could afford these, bet your ass I'd be buying.

WASTELAND #20 I'm buying the trades for this, so I'm wondering when the third one's coming out. Seems like ages since the second one was released!

OK, that's all I got. As always, I'll be opining upon the ones I get, as well as the latest GN from AiT/PlanetLar, Dugout, and, again, WORLD OF WARCRAFT: ASHBRINGER (he BRINGS THE ASH!) #1, AIR #2 and TINY TITANS #8 among others.


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