Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's Thursday night once more, and that means

Tonight, we have a Very Special TNT. Our inner monologue this time comes courtesy of one Artimus Finn- one of seven brothers known collectively as the Seven Deadly Finns, who ran afoul of the Shadow, in that notoriously sublime, or perhaps sublimely notorious 1980's version by Andrew Helfer and Kyle Baker.

To describe exactly what's going on in these two pages would take some doing, but let's just say that in the climactic showdown with the Master of Men, he is in dire straits indeed- having been placed in the bottom of an elevator shaft in the Empire State Building by the rogue terrorist Colonel Mustafa, who doublecrossed Mr. Finn when the latter hired the former to run an army of nutjob psychopaths against their adversary. In desperation, the surviving Finn tries to climb up twenty feet out of the shaft, to get out between the elevator and the floor...and his thoughts as he does so are our Thursday Night Thoughts for this evening.

Also in this scene, Shadow agent Twitchkowicz, an expert chemist who uses his abilities to, shall we say, create performance-enhancing drugs for his wrestler wife Gwendolyn, is escorting one of Mustafa's psycho group out, one Doctor Flax, a creepy old pusbag who is obsessed with creating killer germs. This comes into play in a big way in the climactic events of this, the final issue in the story arc.

If you've heard about this excellent series but haven't been able to find it, and realize that it will never be collected just because, well, it won't, well, here's a small sample. Script by Helfer, Art by Baker, from The Shadow #13 (August 1988).

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