Monday, July 16, 2007

Batgirl cover fun, inspired by Chris and Heidi!

Once upon a time, there was a solictation for a Showcase Presents: Batgirl edition. It was represented in said solicitations by this cover, sans indicia and go-go checks:

But when it was actually released, it had THIS cover:

Which seems to be a heavily Photoshopped rendition of the splash page (if memory serves, I was hoping Mile High had scans but no) of THIS comic:

...not one of DC's finest story moments, as BG decides to use her femininity to distract the crooks, enabling the curiously un-distracted Batman and Robin to kick butt. Fred Hembeck does a great job of summing this one up here.

Now why the "brain"trust at DC decided to pull this switcheroo is anybody's guess- this frivolous illustration, taken out of context from the equally frivolous story, makes Babs look really stupid. And that's hardly conducive to attracting the casual buyer- unless they WANT to make Batgirl look foolish, which if that's the case is a shameful, knuckleheaded decision.

Oh well. I don't guess it would have been much better if they'd chosen THIS cover:

or THIS one:

Boy, those fellas at DC just didn't know when to quit, did they?

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