Friday, July 20, 2007


Tonight's exercise in poetic mayhem comes courtesy of Don McGregor and P. Craig Russell, as Killraven, barehanded, dismantles smirking Martian android killer Skar in Amazing Adventures #34.

The Martians has sent Skar in pursuit of KR and his Freemen several issues prior, and he had left a wide swath of murder and cruelty in his wake as he did so. He finally caught up with the group in this issue, and managed to severely injure two of them before finally confronting KR. Out of spite, he shot down a group of boulders which fell on nearby Freeman Hawk and the mutant creature Grok, killing them both, and this- as you may imagine- brought out the beast in the somewhat previously conflicted Killraven, and you see the results. In fact, many of those who tend to hold opinions on this series, of which I am most certainly one, consider this its finest moment.

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