Thursday, July 12, 2007

Been reading Dick Hyacinth's look back on his formative comics geek years, part one and part two, and it's an interesting- and typically cleverly written- series of posts so far, well deserving of all the Journalista, ADD Blog, and so on linkage that it has elicited.

That said, I did the same thing back in 2004, and nobody linked to it. So I just wanted to put it back out there just in case anybody cares, and also because of sheer stinking jealousy.

Edit 2:03 PM: Oh, by the way, I've been spending some time correcting spelling mistakes and so on in that three-year-old post, and boy were there a bunch of 'em. And it rambles, too. But anyway, just thought I should add that since late '05, I've been getting my new comics from DCBS, shipped every two weeks (which is why my reviews are always so late). I still stop by the BG Great Escape occasionally (just went there last Saturday as a matter of fact) to pick up bags and boards and the occasional back issue, CD, or new comic. But especially these days, now that gas is so high and I don't work down there anymore, I'm kinda glad I don't have to make that drive.

Hopefully, I'll review the last two books I'm lacking tonight. I also got my very first pull quote recently, on the back of Chris Wisnia's newest giant monster opus, Where Urban Creatures Creep and Stomp!. I am honored, sir. I just wish that the quote made sense! I know it came from a review I did ages ago, but I wish I could have rewritten it. Oh well.

Also, thanks to ADD for the link! Much obliged to ya, pilgrim.


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