Saturday, January 13, 2007

This is, I suppose, what they call a meta post.

I've been spending the better part of the morning creating a Bloglines subscription page, since it looks like Chipper is dead and gone. I tried Google Reader for a little while, but there were a handful, not many but still a few, blogs that it couldn't add for whatever reason. All this tech stuff goes over my head sometime. If you happen to click on my Bloglines link up there, and don't see your blog listed, please don't be offended- I'm not finished adding just yet.

Anyway, more than anything it's made me realize how much I need to weed out my blogroll over here- I've got several dead or dormant links listed, including people who I linked to once in the spirit of reciprocity but probably haven't visited again ever.

I'm even beginning to think that I'd like to have a totally new template, but I don't have the time or energy to reinstall the buttons and pics that I currently have. Not to mention that there is about a nine or ten-month stretch in my archives where I never got around to replacing the pictures I had posted when I changed image hosts. In 2005. See what I mean? And on top of that, much to my dismay, I'm occasionally going back to old posts, where I see via my referrer site someone has visited something I wrote in, say, 2004, and am mortified to see that Imageshack has somehow managed to lose the image that I know damn well I replaced or never deleted in the first place. Link rot or somesuch. In fact, except for New Comics Revue posts, when I've posted images here for the last several months I've just used Blogger's image hosting system, which puts the images God knows where but at least I can feel reasonably confident that they won't disappear someday.

In case you're wondering, apparently I can't switch to the latest Blogger upgrade. I tried, and it tells me it's not possible with "certain" blogs. Hmph. It's OK, didn't really want to switch anyway.

OK, that's all I can think of for now. Other than you know what? I like this song, even though I have no desire to see the movie from which it came. I'm just like that sometimes.

Speaking of movies, I really, really should write a few lines about the films I've seen since I did my last movie post (which, as I recall, attracted the ire of several nutcase King Kong fans)...but first of all, I put my Netflix sub on hold due to being frigging broke all the time, and second, I've seen a LOT of films since that last one and again, time and energy are lacking.

Anyway, one thing I'm still committed to doing, no matter how much apathy I'm greeted with when I do so, is comics reviews. And I have a few to finish now so have a great Saturday!

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