Monday, January 15, 2007

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A story, completely stolen from Chris Weston's blog, as related by Garth Ennis:

So a mate of mine was telling me last night about a pal of his who went to a U2 gig recently, and in the middle of it Bono- or "some cunt wearing shades indoors" as my friend put it- starts clapping his hands, slowly, about one clap every second. "I just want you to know," he says, "that every time I clap my hands, a baby dies in Africa."

To which some wag in the audience shouts, "Well for fuck's sake, Bono, stop clapping!".

Best laugh I've had all week.

If they ever decide to do another Watchmen, God forbid, they should at least get Weston to draw it. His style would be perfect.

I started to post the rattin' frattin' MySpace videohere, but t'was huger than huge. So please go here to see a fun video of Mike Scott and a recent incarnation of the Waterboys having a little jam session, described on the page as

Mike, Steve and Richard playing an impromptu music session in the famous Hughes's Bar in Spiddal, Connemara, Ireland with Sharon Shannon, Charlie Lennon and Chris Madden. Filmed by Johnny Turps on a day off on the Waterboys Irish tour, November 2004.

Also featuring, towards the end, a version of "Hey Jude". Wish Scott would just do a Beatles covers album and be done with it would be stellar.

Crossposted from the LJ, by the way.

More links:

Lackadaisy, quite possibly the best Prohibition-era speakeasy-and-gangsters-story-starring-cute-kittens comic in the history of same. Drawn in an expressive, gorgeously-sepia-toned style by one Tracy J. Butler.

One of my favorite Neil Young albums, hell, one of my favorite albums (on a very long list) period, is 1973's shambolic live-with-minimal overdubs Time Fades Away. Fades was recorded on the tour that came after his best-selling Harvest LP (you know, "Heart of Gold", "Old Man", et cetera), in which Mr. Young chose to perform (and record for subsequent release) a handful of previously unreleased songs rather than play the hits, causing widespread confusion among those coming to be charmed by another rendition of "Gold" ad infinitum. For a pretty good description of the chaos that ensued, go here, for the Wiki entry.

Also in that Wiki, you'll see a link to a petition that the ThrashersWheat website folks have set up in the hopes of getting Mr. Young to approve an official CD release, a la his long-overdue recent reissue of On the Beach. Why not go here, click on the link, and add your name?

In other JB-related Neil news, I am proud of myself for not only figuring out how to play "Tell Me Why" from After the Gold Rush on guitar, but the haunting tune "Little Wing", from 1980's Hawks and Doves as well. I won't hurt my arm patting myself on the back.

Yeah, I'm off work today. Why do you ask? We get a day off during the month of our birthday, and I took mine today. Perish forbid that we would actually get MLK day off...

Go here to check out Lunchbox Funnies, a "new comics collective featuring some of the finest all-ages comics on the internet!" Featuring, among others, Dean (Butterfly) Trippe and Dave (Agatha Quill) Roman. Which reminds me, I haven't reviewed Quill yet. Soon, my pretties, soon. C'mon, humor me, at least try to act like you care...

Another new comics creating collective is the Sugarskull Comics Collective. Most interesting so far promises to be Sarah Davis' (ironically?) bright-colored The Awakened.

Here's another list that I don't/can't belong to, but if you're planning on relocating to a metropolitan area you might find it interesting. Can't believe there aren't any listings for the Nashville area; the aforementioned Mr. Trippe being one that comes to mind.

OK, that's all I got for now. If I run across anything else, I'll add it. Have a good day, everyone.

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