Monday, August 23, 2004

Time once again for that time-honored tradition here at the Show: the Diamond shipping list and what it has in store for me on Wednesday! And it goes like this:

HELLBLAZER #199-finale of a pretty good story arc, all things considered.
LOSERS #15- at least we get a new fill-in artist; judging by the previews he's 110% better.
PROMETHEA #31-only one more issue to go. Wish it could have lasted longer.
SLEEPER SEASON TWO #3- more fear and self-loathing in spandex.
WE 3 #1-looked real good from the previews.
THE WITCHING #3-gonna have to get a lot better real soon. Maybe I could just cut the covers off while nobody's looking each month...
DEEP SLEEPER #3-whoa! Had almost forgot about this one, it's been so long since #2. I was wondering why that reprint trade had come out last week, now I know.
HAWAIIAN DICK: THE LAST RESORT #1-Woo-ha! About fricking time!

Coming later: more reviews than you can shake an Uru Mallet at.

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