Saturday, August 28, 2004

I'll bet the fanboys will be buzzing after viewing tonight's Justice League Unlimited!

Writer Paul Dini decided to take the far-fetched situation and run with it, and many laughs were to be had- you had B'Wana Beast, of all people, with a pro rassler accent; the Elongated Man (it's always a little sad to see the guy now- weird, innit?); Red Tornado, who makes an impressive entrance, only to get the funniest line in the whole episode; the lovely Zatanna, always a treat to see when done Animated Timm-style, and the "huh"-inducing cameo by the Golden Age Crimson Avenger. Plus- Wonder Woman! A pig! Batman sings (which I'm sure had the hardcore apoplectic)! And for some reason Dini and his creative JLU team have picked up the Batman-Wonder Woman romance gauntlet that Joe Kelly dropped when he was writing JLA.

All in all, a fine episode- lots of fun, especially if you don't take your super-guys too seriously. More than made up for the routine Teen Titans episode that proceeded it.

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