Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Here's a preview of Marvel's upcoming update/revamp of Adam Warlock, by Greg "Six" Pak and Charlie "Savior Faire"("...he's everywhere!") Adlard.

One of my all time fave comics series was that definitive 70s Starlin run on the character, and subsequent revival attempts (some even by Starlin!) have been hit-and-miss. This, however, kinda sidesteps all that has gone before, and just might have legs because of it. We'll see.

Poached from Mr. Silpayamanant. Arigato.

Other things, as I seem to have some free time between ads today for some reason:

My Blogger Suessbar ("Oh, the Places You'll See") at the top of the page is now looking like it oughtta should. One less tiny, insignificant thing to concern myself with. Not that I was losing sleep over it, mind you- I've got many more serious things to lose sleep over!

Lest you think I show favoritism towards fellow Pants Presser Vera Brosgol, here's a new online comic from Erika Moen. Short, but nicely done.

Mike Sterling gives us the Seven Deadly Harveys. Made me chuckle, it did!

Quentin Tarantino's blog? Decide for yourself.

Well, I meant to turn this into a link-o-rama of some sort, but it looks like it's gonna be of the brief sort. They just brought a stack of folders in so it's back to work for me, hi ho. More later, hopefully. Posting, that is.

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