Thursday, August 05, 2004

Hi, kiddies! Sorry to have been AWOL lately, but I've been busy busy busy here at the Snooz and at home. Still am, actually, but I wanted to post this link to a blog entry (on a blog I don't read; found this at 24 Hour Party, I mean Pixel People) titled "How to be creative". This person speaks the truth, y'know...not that I really understand what the heck he's talking about...

Of course, yesterday was Wednesday, and comics were purchased. Just not as many as I hoped. Sleeper Season Two 2 and Walking Dead 9 are still MIA, and they're now joined by Daisy Kutter 1, just like I feared. I know it's not completely my comics shop's fault, but this is getting tiresome, for me and for them- every week, it seems, I'm asking about did this come in or did that come in, and can you call Nashville, and...sigh. Guess I'll have to take another look at online services. I did notice where the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen V2 trade came out; strangely enough, I just finished reading both V1 and V2 over the weekend. My son had seen the movie, and was asking me about the source material, so I figured the best way to enlighten him was to show it to him. He read the first two, said he liked them a lot and wished the movie had been more like that. Me, too, said I. He hasn't picked them up since, but he's a busy boy. I'll keep them around for a while longer. I'll tell you, Alan Moore's done more important, and even more imaginative work, but for all-around entertainment and emphasis-on-solid-characterization, he's rarely done better than both volumes of League, if you ask me. Even if you don't ask me.

Quite a discussion going on at Fanboy Rampage!, in the comments section, in response to somewhat disingenous comments made by Mark Millar, Brian Bendis and Bryan Hitch in response to Michael Chabon's call for more kid-friendly comics, and the pros and cons of publishing same. Interesting stuff, marred only slightly by some typically clueless comments by some fella what goes by Bacardi. There's over 100 comments there!

Had an interesting job interview yesterday, which promises to pay more and actually holds out the hope of some sort of eventual authority on my part. Of course, it's far from a done deal, but I'll let you know how it turns out.

Just in case anyone cares, here's my music today list. Haven't done this for a while. David Bowie-The Man Who Sold The World; Morning Glory-The Tim Buckley Anthology; Iris DeMent-Infamous Angel; Randy Newman-Good Old Boys; Neil Young-Zuma; Stoned Soul Picnic: The Best of Laura Nyro.

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