Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Via the illustrious Sean T. Collins comes a link to this great little David Bowie list piece, in which he cites a dozen of his songs that he "doesn't seem to tire of". There's not a duff track in the lot, indeed a couple are favorites of mine, and the whole thing is so forthright and self-effacing, not to mention perceptive, that at first I wondered if Bowie himself really wrote it. But let's just give the man the benefit of the doubt- he's certainly earned it- and enjoy the list and commentary for what they are, which is very interesting and entertaining. I loved what he said about an otherwise undistinguished track from 1986's Never Let Me Down, as well as a very astute (hindsight will do that for ya) potshot at his 1970's management.

You know what? I still listen to Heathen a lot. Great album. I like it better than anything in the 80's and more than one or two of his classic-era efforts.

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