Friday, July 11, 2008


At the behest of Bahlactus, tonight's FNF is a true all-star throwdown as the current version of the Justice Society wreaks havoc on Gog (and gets havoc wreaked upon them in return)...who has apparently broken into their mansion. So much mayhem, in fact, that I couldn't just put one or two pages up, I decided to post no less than seven! I tried to open these up a bit because today's Photoshop-heavy comics pages tend to turn into mud when you convert them to grayscale. Click on the pages, of course, to embiggen.

It's been at least five years since I bought the JSA proper title, I'll bet; I got a comp of issue one of this relaunch, which just piqued my interest in the Cyclone character, who was apparently designed to become the modern Red Tornado anagram in current continuity. She gets eliminated from the fracas in the first scan above, sorry to say. Anyway, she's super-appealing, but I just couldn't get past the reason that I dropped the book oh so long ago- the oh-so-serious and oh-so-sodden spandex superheroics, all cosmic hoohah and big fight scenes with the interpersonal stuff somewhat devalued, unlike early issues of Johns' long-ago relaunch. It just got to be too much been-there, read that. However, having read pages from not only this issue, #14, but the next couple as well I am mildly intrigued by this storyline, and while I can't see me going to a lot of trouble to get the back issues, if they collect this arc I just might buy. Might. This is still a lot of posturing-laden, glumly grim superhero fighting.

Anyway, this was all stolen from scans_daily, credit where credit is due I guess, and if you want to see this in color click on the preceding link, s'il vous plait.


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