Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I can has comics!

My DCBS shipment, which is supposed to be coming on Friday:

DIANA PRINCE: WONDER WOMAN TP VOL 02: More swingin', slightly sexist, somewhat sexy 60's adventure with everybody's favorite Emma Peel stand-in.

NUMBER OF THE BEAST #8 (OF 8): Boy I'm glad this is done. Hopefully there will be more Sprouse art upcoming, now that he's shown he can do a book on deadline...

MADAME XANADU #2: Hope this one's better than #1, that's all I'm sayin'.


NOCTURNALS: CARNIVAL OF BEASTS (ONE SHOT): Now HERE's a welcome comeback. I eagerly snapped up every new Nocturnals series for a few years there, and had given up hope of ever reading any more.

AMBUSH BUG: YEAR NONE #1: Speaking of comebacks, welcome back Bob Fleming! Gee whillikers, I sure wish someone at DC would let him create a new series, and no, not Thriller. That's not new.

CATWOMAN #81: For some reason, I thought this was the last issue. Instead, it's the penultimate issue. That word again, penultimate.


LIBERTY COMICS A CBLDF BENEFIT BOOK (ONE SHOT): this one slipped under my radar, but the nice folks at DCBS were kind enough to add it to my order. I'm told it has a Monkeyman and O'Brien appearance, I miss miss miss MM & O'B. I read the cute Garth Ennis intro at scans_daily.

BLUE BEETLE #29- New regular writer Matt Sturges takes over with this issue, which also sees the welcome return of Rafael Albuquerque (is there a more difficult word in the English language to spell and type?), he of the clenched teeth and dynamic action pose, on art. I think Manhunter will show up at some point.

What am I missing?

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