Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One of the reasons I became such a hard core MIKE KALUTA fan as a teenager was panels like the one above, from his Shadow #4 (1973). The Shadow book was where I first saw his work, and remains among my absolute favorite of that long-gone decade. The illustrious Mr. Door Tree over at Golden Age Comic Book Stories (in this case, Silver and/or Bronze? I never can remember where these Ages begin and end...) has posted the entirety of that issue via the original color keys- notes on which kinda obscure some detail but it's more than made up by being able to see the brush strokes of the colorist (Tatjana Wood, maybe, or Glynis Wein?).

This should take you to the first post; the way he posts these things forces him to distribute several scans over several posts, so I suggest just clicking on the header above to go to the most current post and work your way down. It's worth the trouble, in my opinion anyway 'cause I'm all about the classic Kaluta artwork. And on this particular story he gets assists from Berni Wrightson, Howard Chaykin and none other than THE Steve Hickman. I kid Mr Hickman; I remember his byline here and there but he didn't really establish his name like his colleagues did, at least in my orbit.

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