Friday, May 30, 2008

An email from DCBS tells me that I'm supposed to get a new comics box today! And it's supposed to contain the following:

HAWAIIAN DICK #4- Writer B. Clay Moore, in a Twitter post, says the color on this issue is the "best looking yet". Given how uniformly excellent the color has been on not only this, but the previous series as well, that's saying something.

CATWOMAN #79- I tried to tell you all, but it's too late. From now on, the Catwoman we get we deserve. Uh, make that YOU get. I'm done. Except in the unlikely event they carry on the reasonably intelligent and (mostly) non-exploitative direction instead of reverting to Balentism.

FINAL CRISIS #1- Even though I've happily ignored all the 52s and Countdowns and so on, I'm kinda looking forward to this- Morrison and J.G. Jones together is usually always a treat for the mind and the eye...and the pages I've seen so far bear this out.

ALL STAR SUPERMAN # 11- Even though (I think, anyway) this series has had its ups and downs, I'll miss Quitely's baggy pants Superman.

NUMBER OF THE BEAST #4- Sprouse art. Keep repeating after me- Sprouse art.

SCALPED #17- I'm looking forward to this one, too- the finale of the Dead Mothers arc. Should be powerful, as this series has never failed to be so far.

FABLES #73- More war stories, making me think DC cancelled Weird War too soon.

HELLBLAZER #244- Finale of last issue's Vatican-baiting episode.

NORTHLANDERS #6- Flashback is over, now back to bloody Viking-style business.

DAREDEVIL #107- Gloom, despair, and agony, o me/deep dark depression, excessive misery/if it weren't for bad luck, he'd have no luck at all/gloom, despair, and agony, o me. (You remember- Hee Haw? No?)

I'm also going to put a bid in on three more issues of Blue Beetle, to get me up to issue #18. Baby steps.

And lest I forget:

Ellis' Freakangels is slowly but surely becoming a fascinating read. He asked people to remind people, so here I am, doing my part. I might add this widget to the sidebar later, 'cos it looks cool.

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