Monday, November 13, 2006

UPDATE 10/14, 10:30 am: The problem seems to have abated for now, with only a handful of searches for EEP showing up. Weird.


I'll be finishing the reviews soon, as well as something kinda...different...which I have yet to scan.

But I've had something happen that freaks me out a little.

You may recall a while ago I had posted a couple of entries, not far apart, about a series of animated commercials with a lead character whose initials are E doubled, as well as a brief entry about Neil Strauss and Bernard Chang's latest published effort. Neither post was related to the other.

I have, however, had several Google hits on my referrer page since looking for E.E. and a word which starts with "p" and ends with "orn", which of course I never mentioned, nor do I know where to find same. Not an extraordinary amount of hits, mind you, perhaps three or four per night.

Until now.

Looking at my referrer page before bed tonight, I noticed where I had suddenly been deluged with almost 100 hits, maybe more (my referrer only lists the most current 100), looking for that phrase or some sort of combination thereof. This is not good, I don't think.

I'm not the most web-savvy person out there; I know how to post links and pictures, and even how to write enough code to change a color or something...but when it comes to something like this, which has to involve "spiders" or "bots" or some sort of nefarious activity about which I (obviously) know almost nothing, I am clueless.

This kinda reminds me of a year or two ago, when I suddenly got a ton of hits on Google image searches for a certain (non-nude) pic of the actress who plays the lead in an NBC series that makes its 2006 premiere Wednesday night (I'm really trying hard not to name things specifically, cant'cha tell?). Eventually, this activity died down and went away.

So here's my question to the web-savvy among you who still read this blog, if any of you are left- should I be concerned about this? Or will this, too, pass? So far it's more annoying than anything, but if it is a threat to something, what can I do?

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