Saturday, November 04, 2006

I've got what seems like a five foot stack of comics to review, but it won't be tonight. It will be soon, though, so please bear with.

I've also not forgotten about Hammerlocke; indeed, how could I with the incredibly overwhelming response I've had so far to the first post in the series? (Thanks, Scott!) But issues 2 and up will have to wait a little while longer. Please try not to let your disappointment bring you down.

Actually, the main fact I'm posting at all tonight is to point you to something which you've probably already read- a D.C. Johnson interview over at CBR about what is certainly one of my top five favorite comics series of the last ten years, Chase. It's got several page scans, too! So go, already!

And please check back soon; I'll be inflicting my opinions upon you again in short order.

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