Saturday, November 18, 2006

Remember these? I do! And at the risk of once more promising something I don't deliver, I'm thinking it's high time I revived them. If I can only remember which albums I've done and which I haven't...!

Got Seven Soldiers 1 last night, two copies in fact (guess DCBS is trying to make up for sending me the wretched Secret Six 5). Don't know exactly what I want to do with that extra copy. Anyway, it certainly was a grande finale, more about it later when I do the proper review column- but I did come away with one question (Only one? I hear you ask- no I had plenty. But this is the one which is most relevant right now)- why is it that most writers, not only comics but many films and prose novels as well, equate "finale" with "overwhelmingly cluttered and chaotic"? And no, this is not necessarily my opinion of Seven Soldiers 1. But I had to ask.

Been watching a lot of Star Wars lately, since Cinemax has been screening them non-stop this month. Surprisingly, some questions came to mind while I did so, and I posted them at the LiveJournal. Go, read, and shoot down all my theories and questions!

I have also been giving a LOT of thought to updating the links list at right. There are scads of newish blogs (more every day, it seems, just as it has been for years now) that are publishing some fine pop-cultury (mostly comics, yes) stuff, and I really should link to them as Blogosphereiversal etiquette demands, but I just haven't had the energy or desire to do so for a long time now. That must change. There are still a few that are no longer active that I have listed as well, and I've tried to at least weed those out, but it's often difficult to make the time. At least for me it is.

I see via Johanna D. Carlson that Oni Press is selling several of their best titles in a "Scratch and Dent" sale, which means that they are offering right around 50% off on the likes of Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1, Gray Horses, Banana Sunday, most of the Courtney Crumrin and Alison Dare trades, and many more, with the caveat being that they are, well, scratched and dented copies! But as we all know, a beat-up copy of something good is better than no copy at all!

And speaking of Oni, y'know, I sure wish that Strangetown 2 would come out. I was intrigued by the first one, and since then, nothing.

I got comps yesterday of Mail Order Ninja 1 and 2, my first such package from TokyoPop. I'm a little leery of reviewing them, given all the hoopla that I've read about recently when others have tried! And given my disinterest when it comes to manga, they may be leery of my doing so... but nah- I will of course try my best to be fair and balanced, to coin a phrase.

While I'm "I Gottin'", I also got a great email from none other than Hammerlocke co-creator and principal scripter Tom Joyner a couple of days ago! I shall now cut-and-paste from my LJ: ...(writer of Hammerlocke) as well as such mid-90's efforts as Scarlett and Damage (he was none too pleased with what's been done to the character since he left, for good reason), to let me know that he had found my blog posts on HL while doing some research for a public speaking gig. He's been out of comics a while, doing graduate school, and now that he's almost done is contemplating a return to "...something NON-ACADEMIC, which might include some self-publishing in collaboration with my original and favorite collaborator, Kez." Kez being K.S. Wilson, Hammerlocke inker and co-scripter, BTW. He was also complimentary towards what I had written so far, which pleased me no end and has certainly re-energized me towards the HL overview project, which has stagnated a bit.

So I guess that means that I should finish my overview of #'s 2 and 3, doesn't it? Anyway, I hope I'm kept apprised of what Joyner and Wilson do next.

Anything else? Nah, I'm done for tonight. Reviews begin tomorrow or Monday.

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