Sunday, June 11, 2006

Watched the first disc of the 1989 TV movie, or "mini"series, or whatever you call it, Lonesome Dove last night. If you like to watch good actors act, really ply their trade, then you'll want to see this. Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones are absolutely perfect throughout, even though Jones is made up to look like Kenny Rogers to amusing effect. Also on hand and giving good perf are a young Diane Lane, Chris Cooper, Danny Glover, and Strange Luck's D.B. Sweeney, although they get overshadowed a bit. It's far from perfect- scenes with evil half-breed badass "Blue Duck" and a pack of relentlessly overacting lowlives are often unintentionally ludicrous, although I suppose I'd be surly too if someone named me Blue Duck...there are a couple of amazingly stereotypical Irishmen jammed in there as well, and if a lot of the situations they get into seem a bit cliched, I suppose it's just the influence on subsequent films and TV series that this hugely popular Western had 17 years ago. Anyway, I have yet to see the second disc, so I'll withhold further judgment until I've seen the whole thing...just wanted to share.

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