Saturday, June 24, 2006

My son came in this afternoon bearing a copy of the new CD by the group Keane, which is titled Under the Iron Sea, and laid it down next to the computer while he went off to do something else. My eye was immediately drawn to the striking cover, which is actually a six-panel foldout booklet that displays an amazing tableau by a young Finnish artist named Sanna Annuka. Great googley-moogley, this is an incredible illustration- and I wish that I could share a website or something with you so you could see more of her work but she doesn't have one yet. Nor does the site we're pointed to in this interview, even though it claims that her work is displayed there. This art dealer's site has some of her work on display, but they're smallish photographs of the pictures on easels. You can click to see them bigger, but they're still small. Oh well. The Keane website has some downloadable desktop images from the CD cover, however, so I took the liberty of downloading three of them and posting them here for your perusal. I will have to keep an eye out for her future efforts, no doubt. Beautiful.

The music? Yeah, I listened to it, but it sounded like U2 imitating Coldplay or vice versa, produced by Wayne Coyne. Listenable, but uninteresting. Your mileage will most likely vary.

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