Monday, June 26, 2006

I've got nuttin' tonight.

But I have been in a fierce Todd Rundgren mood lately, digging out a lot of his vinyl and even giving a spin to his overwrought 1989 opus Nearly Human. Whilst checking out his Wikipedia entry, I was eventually led to a site that contains a goodly number of Windows Media Player files that show video clips ranging from the Nazz days and his glammy early-mid 70's period (my favorite, and among others we get the infamous peacock feather Midnight Special appearance) along with a couple of clips from his early-90's appearance on the muchly missed Michelob Presents Night Music- one featuring TR, his wife Michelle, and Taj Mahal singing Gilbert & Sullivan (!) all the way to his depressing most recent endeavor, the New Cars (clips from the Leno and Ferguson shows). Never thought I'd see Rundgren reduced to aping Ric Ocasek, and I'd bet he didn't either. There's a bit too much late 80's Utopia stuff (although I think this album is a minor pop-rock masterpiece) for my liking, but it's worth a look if you're a Todd fan, fer shur.

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