Sunday, June 04, 2006

Good news/bad news dept.:

Manhunter gets a stay of execution! While I don't think it's a perfect book by any stretch, the lead character has a certain odd charisma plus it's got Cameron Chase (boy I wish there had been a grassroots internet campaign when HER book got axed!) and lacks the dour, pretentious, too-concerned-with-continuity tone of many of its mainstream DCU brethren and sistren, so as a belated but committed convert this is great news as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully a second trade will be released someday to attract the wait-for-the-traders.

Not so good is the news that Marvel is reviving its Daimon Hellstrom character with a MAX miniseries that apparently has nothing to do with the superior Warren Ellis version of the mid-90's. The art looks especially bland and uninspired. I loved that Ellis run (and the earlier, 1970's run as Son of Satan in Marvel Spotlight as well as his own short-lived self-titled book), but this looks less promising to me than the Alan Davis Killraven revival, and you all probably remember how much I hated that one.

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