Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Time for my midweek post. Sorry I can't get it up more frequently...I'm working on my stamina though so don't give up on me just yet.

Anyway, figured the least I could do is share the contents of my upcoming DCBS order, which shipped today, which means I'll probably get it Tuesday thanks to Dr. King. Hyar tis:

100 BULLETS #68

And that's all! About half of the last order. Oh well.

In other comics-world stuff, I'm intrigued about Danielle Corsetto, of Girls With Slingshots fame, taking over the Bat-Boy strip in the Weekly World News from Peter Bagge. I don't think I ever actually purchased an issue of the WWN, but I always stood and read it in the checkout line at the grocery to see what Bagge was doing with it. Corsetto's style couldn't be more different than Pete's, but I think it looks interesting in its own right, and I'll most likely continue to read it while waiting to pay for my food.

Read with a no little consternation at Tom Spurgeon's that Nick Anderson, who has been the political cartoonist for the Louisville Courier-Journal for several years now, is leaving for another newspaper in Houston. Pity. Hopefully the C-J can replace him with someone as interesting. Unlike many dailies, political cartooning is still important there; they run many pieces by Pat Oliphant and many others, as well as Doonesbury on the editorial page. I remember, many years ago, thinking that the legendary Hugh Haynie, who did the cartooning honors for the C-J for many years, had lost his touch and fervently hoped that he would retire soon. Eventually, they began to run the occasional cartoon by Anderson, to give Haynie a break, and he made such a good impression on me that I was delighted when Haynie finally did retire and Anderson took over for good.

A while back, I essayed a meme at the LJ which asked an alphabetical series of questions, one of which was "something that makes you smile". At the time, sadly, I couldn't think of anything, but now I see that Derek Kirk Kim has a new serialized feature going on at his site, and that, boys and girls, makes me smile. Along with many other things.

Alright, that's all I got. Go do something important now. Me, I think I'll sit down and watch Star Wars Episode III, newly arrived from Netflix. Then I'll read some more of that excellent Beatles book before I go to bed. One of these days I'll try to do a best-of 2005 movies & music, but don't stand on one leg waiting!

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