Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The soon to be legendary first Comics Blogger Poll results are now up and awaiting your perusal right here. Not a lot of major surprises, though, proving perhaps that as a group we're not as different as some hold.

Best Artist went to Frank Quitely. Can't really complain, although I thought #2 guy J.H. Williams III had a better year all things considered. I was surprised at James Jean's relatively low showing, tied for #11 with Jock.

Best Writer? Three guesses. But again, I can't complain because there may be writers with more imagination, and there may be writers with more distinctive voices than Our Man Grant, but no one this side of that lovably eccentric Moore fella combines the two so well. Kinda disappointing to see Mr. Generic Writer himself, Brian Vaughan, come in so high- but I guess that just demonstrates how out of the loop I am, I suppose. I don't get his appeal at all.

Best Ongoing Title was also the Biggest Surprise: Fell. Don't get me wrong, I like Fell a lot- but was it really better than all the other contenders, even Warren Ellis' own Desolation Jones? Oh well. Bit surprised to see Love & Rockets as high (tied #4) as it was- there really isn't as much buzz for that book as there used to be, especially in its late 80's heyday, and honestly, while it's still very high quality it just doesn't have the same sugar that it had back then, almost as if the Bros. are doing it because nobody much was interested in their other non-L&R releases. And very surprising was Legion of Super Heroes clocking in at #10; are they reading the same series I'm reading?

Best Original Graphic Novel went to Top 10: The Forty-Niners, and I'll have to take a pass because I haven't read it yet. I'll be getting it in softcover in a month or so. Otherwise, no real complaints.

Best Mini-Series or One-Shot: All those who voted for Infinity Crisis (#2) should be banned from next year's. Would the esteemed critics for the Village Voice vote for Celine Dion in their Pazz and Jop poll? I think NOT! Anyway, Klarion, which I've read, and Villains United, which I won't, tied for #1. Whatever. Disappointing: the high representation for all the Infinity spinoffs and Paul Chadwick's turgid Concrete: The Human Dilemma, and low showings by the likes of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, Smoke, Peculia and the Groon Grove Vampires and even Banana Sunday.

No quibbles with the choice for Best Collection of Previously Printed Material. I haven't gotten around to reading the entirety of Black Hole yet; I sampled a couple of issues early in the run but wasn't especially engaged. It might read better collected. I'm ashamed to say that I had forgotten about the 100% trade; or to be more precise, I was thinking it came out in 2004. I would have voted for it if I hadn't let it slip my mind; I really liked that one a lot. Good to see WE3 represented as well, but that's no surprise. I was a bit disappointed to see Kane: The Untouchable Rico Costas... only racked up 2 points, and while I was no less happy to see it there, I wish someone else had seen fit to include Bambi and Her Pink Gun.

Oh well, though there were bugs in the process (and no, I don't have any better ideas, thanks for asking), it was fun to participate in the voting and I hope it becomes a yearly tradition. Thanks to Chris Tamarri for organizing it and seeing fit to include my unworthy self.

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