Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Holy Mackanoley, is it Wednesday already?

I haven't posted here (or anywhere else) since SUNDAY!

Well, on Monday I was off, and spent most of the morning working on a large post, with scans, breaking down a comic book that I said I'd do back in November. Problem is, I didn't get finished, due to outside world concerns occupying my precious blogging time in the afternoon and evening. Tuesday, work and part-time job that evening. No blogging. But I got my new comics! And I spent the rest of the evening reading them. I also squeezed in viewings of one of my Xmas DVD's, Snatch on Monday night and the 2-hour Wings as in McCartney's other band documentary Wingspan (should have been subtitled Paul Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Loved Linda. A Lot. Really.) last night. Today, work all day, and I really meant to finish the darn thing when I got home but whilst sitting down to eat, I got interested in a TCM screening of the downbeat 1965 Richard Burton spy flick The Spy Who Came In From the Cold. So the post has lain fallow yea verily all this time, and frankly, I'm too tired to finish it now although I think I will do a couple more scans and perhaps type a line or two. Maybe tomorrow night...although I do still have some books left to read...

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