Friday, June 17, 2005

Well, one thing I know I can still do here is hype stuff that I think looks cool, and at right we have the latest such something, Viper Comics' THE MIDDLE MAN, which is written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach (now there's a name for ya), drawn by Les McClaine, and is scheduled to come out beginning next month. I first noticed the Newsarama piece on the series that appeared today, then followed the link to the Viper site to see more. Grillo's getting most of the hype because of his current position as writer and supervising producer of ABC's Lost, but it's McClaine's sharp artwork that has caught my eye.

I'm not sure if I've signed up for this at the comics shop or not; guess I'll have to check this Wednesday and see. The way my luck goes they won't have ordered any, and will send to Nashville to see if they have any copies, and I'll add it to my holds anyway and get issue #2, and track down #1 on eBay months later. As the smart lady once said, "...and so it goes"... I still haven't seen a single issue of Temporary. And yeah, I know, I can order them anytime online, but postage & handling is killer. All right, I'm done now.

Oh. Yeah. Click on the covers- they get BIGGER! Ooh!

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