Sunday, June 19, 2005

Just finished watching The Tick, and God, it was good to see it again. The live-action show of a couple of years ago had its moments and wasn't terrible, but it was small beer compared to the wackjob cartoon. It's also nice to have a cool show on Sunday mornings again to bridge the gap between The Sports Reporters and the 12:00 NFL games like I had back in the day, when my cable provider didn't provide a WB network, so the only way I could see the likes of Freakazoid! (another show I miss lots) and the animated Batman and Superman shows was on WGN, which aired WB Kids shows on Sunday morning. It was tons of fun to watch these while I was gearing up for football on Autumn Sundays...and the rest of the year as well. This morning's eppy was one that I didn't recall seeing, either- a Cops-themed show in which a cameraman follows the Tick around as he leaps rooftops and eventually tussles with Pigleg...I mean, the Deadly Bulb. I'm working at the radio station this morning, and I had to read the top-of-the-hour news as the show came on (I'm recording it anyway), and right before I started the Tick came off with a "Honk if you love justice, Arthur!" which made it very difficult to keep a straight face as I tried to relate the story about a high-speed car chase which occurred on I-65 yesterday afternoon. I'm so glad to have that show back on- wish they would show it every day instead of Sunday morning. Happy Father's Day to me from ABC Family!

Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all of you out there who are of the fatherly persuasion.

While I'm at it, and speaking of fatherhood, my son has a subscription to Entertainment Weekly, which comes to our address even though he lives somewhere else, and I"ve been checking out the latest issue and its goodly-sized "Must List" section, which had a nice look at the cast of Serenity and the women of Deadwood...and also cited, right there at #93, that Larry Young fella, my erstwhile afternoon dining companion! Congrats to Mr. Young for the listing. He had mentioned to me when we met that he had made the list and that he and Mimi were considering attending the soiree that EW was hosting in NYC, but I thought I should hold off throwing the congrats out until it actually saw print. I'm funny like that. Three Larry Young mentions in one week!

I've also been listening fairly regularly to the new White Stripes CD, courtesy of Stupid Llama Mik, and am liking it with reservations, like I did Elephant. I'm happy to see that Jack White is diversifying his aural portfolio with some folk, R&B and country textures to go along with the punk and blues, and while this might alienate the DeStihl adherents out there to me it shows that Mr. White will be a force to be reckoned with for quite some time. Favorite cuts so far include the throbbing opener, "Blue Orchid", the countryish "Little Ghost", and the almost-funky "Denial Twist". "The Nurse", with it's marimba-like sounds and jerky beat, reminds me a little of Captain Beefheart. It's a very interesting set of songs, and I have a feeling it will be growing on me.

OK, that's all I got for now.

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