Wednesday, June 01, 2005

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Show and tell time for today: the online portfolio of Dave Daniels,

Also, the website of Lucy Knisley, Stop Paying Attention. Should have linked to it yesterday.

While I'm thinking about it, Dara Naraghi has a new webcomic out in concert with artist Tom Williams, called Lifelike. The first chapter looks interesting; think I'll have to check it out each week.

Finally, to make up for me failing to pimp the Comics Foundry's recent interview with Neal Adams, a worthy read if ever there was one, here's part one and part two of an interview with Brian Michael Bendis.

One more thing: the tentative track list for my contribution to Mixed Bag part deux is up over at the LJ; as always, comments are encouraged and welcome. I plan to make final decisions, post "liner notes", and prepare to burn and mail sometime between now and next week.

And yes, Virginia, I am still working on commenting on the other round one CDs...but I may have to streamline the process a bit.

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