Thursday, June 30, 2005

Keep on Keepin' On, or Johnny B can't "keep" up with everything, chapter 10,435.

Apparently the fine folks at IDW will be putting out an adaptation of F. Paul Wilson's THE KEEP, to be released in September with art by Matt Smith, who did the first couple of issues of Astronauts in Trouble as well as the 90's DC miniseries Day of Judgement. And I knew nothing about it until I saw a posting on Newsarama.

Many moons ago, in the dim and distant early 80's, I picked up the paperback version of Wilson's novel on a whim, and dug the hell out of it. The premise is simple- Nazi soldiers hole up in an ancient keep in Romania, and accidentally let something out that should have stayed in. But Wilson went in a number of different directions with it, and it was an engrossing read all the way. Then, in 1983, Michael (Miami Vice, Thief) Mann filmed it and failed spectacularly, despite a decent enough cast that included Scott Glenn, Robert Prosky and Gabriel Byrne- it's oh-so-Eighties laser light show special effects and rubber suited monster dated it badly, as a recent viewing on cable attested.

Wilson went on and wrote a not-bad sequel that I also read, The Tomb, which introduced his character Repairman Jack, a mercenary good-deed-doer who apparently is a central figure in something called "The Adversary Cycle", which connects all his books and which I know nothing about, since The Tomb was the last one I've read to date.

Anyway, I've always liked Smith's Mignolaesque style, and I'm pre-sold on the subject matter, so I'm lookin' forward and I wanted to show and tell!

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