Monday, June 13, 2005

My little town of Horse Cave has had celebrities in its midst today, and didn't even know about it!

About 3:30 this afternoon, I was at the radio station doing my pre-recorded voice tracks when I happened to check my email before I left, and saw an email from Mimi Rosenheim, aka Larry Young's better half. Its subject was LARRY YOUNG IN HORSE CAVE and it said that he and his wife were indeed in this little quaint backwoods hamlet, and would like to meet ME! At first, I thought it was spam or someone was pulling my leg. I mean, he lives in San Francisco- why the heck would he be in Kentucky? Then I thought maybe I should call the number anyway, and went home to tell Mrs. B so we could get the house (in a real state of disarray- we're gearing up for some remodeling) ready to have them over if they wanted. However, before I could discuss it much more, I received a phone call, and it was indeed the esteemed Mr. Young! They were in the area on some business of a personal nature, and had been visiting some of the area attractions like Mammoth Cave. So we decided to get together at a nearby Cracker Barrel, and it was there that the Summit For The Ages took place. We had a great conversation that was only too brief, about a multitude of topics, and all I can say is that they're both great people, every bit as cool as you'd expect from the publishers of AiT/PlanetLar books, and I had a wonderful time. That, and I hope I didn't come across as sounding like a jerk...

Many thanks to Larry and Mimi for looking me up, and for the soda. Dry county here, y'know. Hope we can do it again someday!

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