Monday, May 16, 2005

Well, I had intended to spend today, my day off, writing a bunch of stuff in hopes of getting caught up from my little hiatus, but events hath conspired against me. I'm finding myself obligated to do a number of tasks, both in and out of the house. I hope to be able to get to it later this evening, but in the meantime here's a humble little Kirby tribute for you to check out, prompted by my Free Comic Book Day purchase of this, which was on sale at 50% off. Here goes:

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Hydra agents! On SKATEBOARDS!

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Nobody, I mean nobody, could draw sneering thugs like the King.

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Even a comic book with a story title as silly as "LO! THE EGGS SHALL HATCH!" is made compelling and cool by this berserk illo which simply jumps off the paper at you. How a kid could see this cover and not move heaven and earth to buy it is beyond me.

Nobody could do balls-to-the-wall, grab-ya action art like Kirby, and no one could do it any better.

I'll write about the aforementioned publication later- it's where I noticed these great covers. It has little, if anything, to do with Kirby or Nick Fury.

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